Storytelling: the art of storytelling as a sales tool

Storytelling: the art of storytelling as a sales tool


Knowing the secrets of storytelling, what it is and what it is for, will help you increase your sales volume, and as a result, your income.

Storytelling is a technique that helps tell a story in a way that attracts the viewer , using different graphic and linguistic elements, such as words, images and other audiovisual resources.

In marketing, sales and customer service, storytelling has become an essential tool to obtain better results for companies in different segments. This is for a simple reason: we all like stories.

Storytelling: what is it and what is it for?

Understanding storytelling, what it is and what it is for, is an effective way to boost your business, gain more audience and increase your sales. Therefore, we will start from the beginning, with the origin of the term

Storytelling is a word in English formed by the combination of the words story, which means history, and telling, which means to tell. In this way, storytelling can be defined as the art of storytelling .

In the corporate sphere, this concept serves to attract the customer’s attention, attract them to your brand, create a bond and establish a stronger, sincere and lasting relationship.

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What is the purpose of storytelling?

One of the main objectives of storytelling is to deliver content to the reader or viewer (current or potential client) that provokes their involvement in the situation that the brand is telling.

For example, storytelling can be used in commercials, in a way that touches the emotions of the client and fixes the campaign, and your company, in their memory.

How to use storytelling to sell?

On the way to understanding more about storytelling, what it is and what it is for, we can see that this concept can be applied in different scenarios.

In sales, for example, storytelling can be used to create ads that arouse the interest of your lead or client , motivating them to obtain more information about your product and / or service.

However, the technique is not limited to texts printed or published in digital media. Storytelling can also be used in face-to-face and even telephone sales.

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How to make money with storytelling?

Storytelling helps your business earn more money when applied, for example, in marketing, sales, and customer service.

Among the main reasons is that this technique helps to create an emotional connection with the client , a feeling that contributes to raising the level of trust they have towards your brand.

In this way he identifies with your company and feels closer, increasing the chances of acquiring the product or service you offer.

How to make a good storytelling?

Now that you know more about storytelling, what it is and what it is for, it is very important to learn how to create truly compelling stories.

To make a good storytelling, it is necessary to take into account its main elements :

  • character creation;
  • creation of the environment;
  • development of conflicts;
  • definition of the message you want to convey.

Creation of the character

The character is essential for good storytelling. Their participation in the story becomes more and more compelling and attractive to the extent that they have characteristics similar to those of your target audience. This is the key to connecting with your audience, choose it wisely!

Creation of the environment

Another fundamental point of the narrative is to create the ideal environment for the development of the story.

Again, in order to connect with your audience, it is essential that this place relates to the reality of your current and potential customers.

For example, for a company that works with cleaning products, a very suitable setting for the narrative would be the interior of a house.

Development of conflicts

The conflict in storytelling is nothing more than the basic problem that must be solved. This is what will spark the interest of your audience to follow the story to the end.

Definition of the message you want to convey

All these elements must be connected to the message you want to communicate. Ask yourself the question, what do I want my client to understand (or do) with the narrative that was told?

Using the cleaning products company as an example, the message may be that these items make everyday life easier for those who use them, which justifies their purchase.

How to create a sales-oriented storytelling?

To complement your knowledge about storytelling, what it is and what it is for, here are some tips on how to build a story that will help you increase your income.

So, to create a sales-oriented storytelling, follow these recommendations:

  • Make the customer identify with the character in the story.
  • Tell a story that is funny, interesting, or moving; As long as it’s relevant to your audience and aligned with your message, you can be inspired.
  • Think of narratives that make sense to your clients and potential clients.
  • Throw in a bit of suspense (and even drama) before you get to the end of the story. The plots where the hero overcomes problems to achieve his goal generate greater affinity.

Where can the storytelling technique be applied?

The storytelling technique can be applied in different situations, such as:

  • Content production within digital marketing.
  • In paid ads from media such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads and others.
  • Consulting services.
  • Sales.
  • Customer service.

The examples of brands that bet on storytelling abound: Coca-Cola, Ikea, Diesel, Apple, Dove, Ax and many more … Actually, it is a matter of showing your target audience that you understand it, that you know what they are interested in and that you are there to make your life easier.

Now that you know how to create stories that sell, go ahead and tell your clients one and be surprised by the results.