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Service Order

Service order

Do you know what a service order (OS) is and how essential it is for a more efficient management of the demands of a company? This allows you to follow up all the requests more easily, prioritize the most important orders and better control the commercial budget.

So that you know everything you need on the subject, here we tell you:

  • What is a service order?
  • What is the function of a service order?
  • Why is a service order important?
  • When is the service order requested?
  • How to place a service order?
  • What are the types of service orders?

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What is a service order?

The service order is a document that is used to record all the information related to the service requests.

In this way, all requests are formalized within a certain standard to facilitate the tracking of orders, whether internal (employees) or external (customers).

What is the function of a service order?

The service order helps organize the requested services to prioritize the most urgent and meet deadlines.

In addition, the (OS) also facilitates the transmission of the correct information to the responsible team, and is a fundamental tool for the financial planning of a company.

Why is a service order important?

The work order is important because it keeps the tasks of a company organized, allowing the application deadlines to be met because it is easier to create a backlog and prioritize the most urgent services.

It should be noted that a service order is mandatory for any provision of services to be carried out, be it maintenance of equipment, cleaning of a site or even the execution of a new project.

The OS also concentrates in one place all the necessary information about the task to be performed, so that the responsible team can more precisely stipulate how much time needs to be spent on that service.

In addition, work orders create a history of everything that has already been done, which makes it easier to track team productivity and helps improve control of the company’s budget.

In other words, with properly organized and prioritized demands, it is possible to offer excellent customer service and guarantee satisfaction with the service provided.

When is the service order requested?

A service order will always be requested when there is an internal or external request to perform a task.

For example, a customer contacts a demand and requests a quote. Then, the wizard must create an OS with all the information about the service provided and inform the estimated time to complete the task.

It is recommended that two copies of the service order be issued, so that the customer has an easy way to view the main details of their request.

How to place a service order?

Each company must make its own service order model according to the information that is most relevant for the organization and fulfillment of demands. However, it is always important that the document contains:

  • Service order number.
  • Date of issuance of the service order.
  • Applicant data such as name, telephone, ID and email.
  • Complete description of the service to be provided.
  • List of tools, materials, and labor that will be needed.
  • Responsible / collaborating team.
  • Estimated time to complete the claim.
  • Value or cost of the service.

To make work easier, improve processes and keep the operation more organized and standardized, you can create an operating system model that will be used throughout the company.

Review this example of a service order from a computer repair company so you can refer to it:

Service order number OS 202100150
Date of issuance of the service order 01/10/2021
Applicant details Name: João da Silva
Telephone: (11) 99999 – 8888
ID: 123.456.789 – 10
Complete description of the service to be provided Check why the computer won’t turn on Do a full parts check Format the computer
List of tools, materials and labor that will be needed External equipment cleaning tools Computer formatting software 1 employee
Responsible / collaborating team Lucas Santos
Estimated time to complete the claim 10 working days
Service value USD $ 150

The best budget model: free and simplified spreadsheet

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Another alternative is to hire software that issues work orders in an automated way. In this way, it will only be necessary to fill in the data on one system and the operating system will be ready.

It is important to highlight that the service order must be signed by the person responsible for issuing it and by the applicant, thus guaranteeing the formalization of the requisition so that the service can begin.

What are the types of service orders?

There are several types of service orders that companies can use, but the main ones are:

  • Maintenance service order
  • Service request
  • Preventive service order
  • Event service order

The service order model that your company will adopt will depend on the industry to which it belongs. So, run tests and analyze which model works best for your business.

Anyway, find here the details of the main OS types:

Maintenance service order

This is the most common type of OS. It is created when an order is placed to repair some equipment or product; or redo a process or service.

Service request

In the case of this service order, no damage has to be done for a request to be made. Typically, a service order is requested to create something new, such as a project or product .

Preventive work order

Preventive OS is designed to prevent failure, damage, or errors from occurring, thus reducing the occurrence of unforeseen events.

Event service order

In this case, the service order is related to the realization and organization of a specific event in the company.

What do you think of the explanations about what the service order is, what is its function, its importance and what are the main types that exist?

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