Quick lead generation with Sell + Reach

Quick lead generation with Sell + Reach


Sales reps can spend hours sifting through channels like LinkedIn for potential leads and adding them to their pipeline . However, this does not guarantee that they will find the correct contact information for the leads they generate. All that time spent researching and searching for leads can lead to a frustrating dead end. But the generation of leads does not have to take a long time or be ineffective. All that is needed is a tool to enrich the leads , as Sell Reach .

Available to Zendesk Sell users , Reach automatically creates lead profiles and self- populates empty lead data fields in the CRM. The tool extracts this information from Clearbit’s database , which contains 20 million companies and 395 million potential customers. Let’s see in more detail how you can generate quality leads with Reach in the shortest possible time and without excessive research effort.

Discover potential leads with just a click

To find new sales opportunities with Reach, the first thing to do is define the criteria applicable to the leads . For example, let’s say your ideal leads are CEOs of small SaaS companies that develop software for hospitals. Reach will find the leads that meet your criteria and filter the contacts by factors like these:

  • Sector
  • Business Type
  • Number of employees
  • Annual income
  • Location

Choose the appropriate filters and select “search for people”; A list of leads that meet your search criteria will be immediately displayed on the screen . Any information Reach has found for those contacts, such as email, phone number, and social media accounts, will appear on the right side of the screen. Reach will even indicate if a found lead matches a contact card that already exists in your Sell account. This prevents sales reps from adding duplicate contacts to the pipeline .

And to add the new leads discovered by Reach to your Sell account, you just have to select them and click “Import”. You don’t have to work with .csv files or manually sync data fields from complicated exports with your Sell account. By allowing you to find new contacts, Reach helps you keep your pipeline full of quality leads and saves you valuable time searching for potential customers.

Instantly enrich incomplete lead profiles

Let’s say you are looking for potential clients on LinkedIn and you find a person who meets all the criteria that your leads must meet . The problem is that your contact information is not listed and direct messages are disabled.

Well, you no longer have to waste precious time looking for an email or phone number, because Reach does it all on its own. The tool only needs a specific piece of information, such as the name of a lead or their email, to automatically enrich an incomplete profile with additional details such as:

  • Telephone numbers
  • Social media accounts
  • Job
  • Name of the company

As with new leads discovered by Reach, you don’t have to hand-type data to fill in contact information. The tool automatically fills in missing data fields on a lead’s contact card . You can even enrich multiple lead profiles at once and reactivate incomplete and inaccurate lead profiles with the help of Reach. Your reps can rest assured that no opportunities will be missed without having to spend more time searching for contact information.

Improve interaction with leads through smart lists

All leads discovered or enriched with Reach can be organized into smart lists on the Sell platform. And when your contacts are organized into smart lists, you can communicate with them faster and more efficiently.

For example, you can create custom email templates for a smart list. Merge tags, such as a lead’s name or title, can be added to templates to facilitate personalized contact on a large scale.