Interaction strategies to strengthen sales

Interaction strategies to strengthen sales

When potential customers show interest in a product or service, they expect a quick, personal response. According to a recent study by Dimensional Research , the speed with which they receive attention is considered by most consumers to be the most important element of a sales interaction.

In today’s sales climate, where opportunities to interact in person with potential customers have been reduced, fast, proactive, and personalized communication becomes more important to gain stakeholder trust and strengthen the sales pipeline .

Working on lead generation and creating interaction strategies with them consumes time and resources. Without an automated process, reps can spend hours emailing leads to assess their interest and schedule calls. At worst, they miss out on these valuable opportunities.

To enable more efficient and personalized contact with leads, Zendesk designed a new lead generation and sales engagement tool . These new features allow reps to schedule a series of personalized emails to leads, allowing them to find, engage with, and qualify potential customers in less time. 

Built into the Zendesk Sales Team CRM System , these tools are perfectly suited to the reps’ workflow, allowing them to get down to business right away without the need for any additional software.

In this post we will tell you how sales teams can take advantage of these functions and enhance interaction and sales strategies with customers.

Interaction strategies guarantee fast and personalized follow-up of leads

In sales, speed makes the difference. Deals are often won by salespeople who respond to potential customers first. With the automation tools and interaction strategies that a sales CRM provides , agents can send immediate follow-ups to multiple leads in one go, saving them the worry of missing an opportunity.

In fact, reps can record a single lead or group of leads in custom email sequences to follow up on large-scale sales contact. With merge tags, email templates automatically populate lead-specific data to instantly personalize emails.

As an example, before using Zendesk’s solution , global design and development consulting company thoughtbot used a marketing tool to automate initial contact emails. But reps also used to send follow-up messages manually to establish a personal connection, which took a lot of their time. Using the interaction automation tools in Zendesk’s Sales CRM , the team was able to automate their contact process without sacrificing personalization. 

In the words of thoughtbot founder and CEO Chad Pytel: “With the sales interaction automation capabilities of the CRM system, our reps can automate personalized contact with leads, allowing them to qualify leads with more agility and less manual work “. Find out the full story here .

Automation in interaction as a strategy to increase productivity 

According to a McKinsey report , agents spend about 20% of their time performing tasks that could be automated. In this sense, the automation of sales interaction strategies allows the team to focus on the most complex tasks and spend more time cultivating customer relationships.

Collaboration tools built into Zendesk’s CRM allow agents to connect with their internal and external partners, provide faster solutions, and increase the productivity of the entire sales area.

Do you want another example? Mailchimp , the special all-in-one marketing platform for growing businesses, fully understands how automating sales engagement strategies can increase productivity.

In the past, the company struggled to provide fast and friendly experiences to large numbers of inbound leads. The business development team spent a lot of time on the mechanism of manually responding to leads to gauge their interest and move them through the sales funnel . Using Zendesk Sales CRM engagement tools, Kyle Raymond, Customer Engagement Manager for the Business Development team, estimates that reps save “at least four hours each week. And best of all, the tools are integrated: the more we can do within the sales CRM, the better ”.

Get the full story and find out how Mailchimp uses Zendesk to listen to its customers and use their data to provide the best experience.

Coordinate your team and improve interaction strategies

Ensuring that reps convey the right message or adhere to prescribed processes can be difficult without an automated contact solution. Also, without being able to see and track all customer communication, it is difficult to know which aspects are working well and which could be improved.

By automating sales engagement strategies, reps can use effective templates and cadences that adhere to established processes and allow them to avoid misplacing content . All emails in a sequence are displayed in the activity feed and lead reports – just like any other communication – so teams can see all reps’ activity and stay on top of how their contact strategies affect the pipeline and the deals.

Additionally, with sequence reporting – including response rates – teams can repeat and adjust email sequences to ensure their engagement strategies have the desired effect.

Thoughtbot and other companies have proven it. Zendesk’s sales automation tools have helped teams act in concert and collaborate to close deals. “Because these functions are integrated into the CRM, the entire team can see all communication with customers, and that allows us to collaborate with the purpose of winning new customers ,  said Pytel.

Automate your interaction strategies improve your conversations in a few minutes

In times of uncertainty, more potential customers are tightening their budgets and are more selective when buying. For that reason, it is important to create quick and personal interaction strategies with potential customers.

Fortunately, teams can now improve their contact processes and reach more leads in less time thanks to Zendesk’s automation tools and engagement strategies for sales .

These tools are included in the Sales Engagement and Lead Generation Software to offer an all-in-one solution for lead generation and engagement strategies that do not require any additional software or configuration.

By combining powerful prospecting and enrichment tools with sales engagement automation , Zendesk CRM enables sales teams to automate contacting leads to reach qualified people in less time.
How about starting a free trial now and seeing how this solution can help you close more and better sales? Get started today!