Increase sales online: 3 powerful strategies for your company

Increase sales online

Increase internet sales

The traditional desire to sell more is common to most entrepreneurs and salespeople. With the acceleration of digital transformation, a new challenge arises: that of increasing online sales .

Surely you must have heard phrases like ‘everyone is selling online’ or ‘put it on the Internet and you will see how quickly it sells’ several times.

Statistics show a vertiginous and sustained growth of electronic commerce. But, beware, that does not mean that all sellers benefit, or that they do it in the same way.

According to a report , in 2019 the income generated by online sales in Brazil reached 27,000 million dollars . By 2022, online purchases by Brazilians are expected to generate $ 42 billion.

The aforementioned report places Mexico as the second most profitable e-commerce market in the region, with estimated revenues of $ 22 billion in 2019.

In Latin America, according to Statista , during 2020 Brazil was the country with the largest e-commerce market share with a share of 32.5% . Mexico represents 28.7% and Argentina, 8.4% .

Regarding market segments, 2/3 of the digital buyers interviewed in a survey carried out in Mexico in January 2021, prefer online purchases of the ” food at home ” category .

According to the aforementioned survey, fashion products , as well as beauty and personal care products , were other categories with high demand from digital consumers, with more than 50% preference.

Faced with this avalanche of data, you are almost certainly wondering how to increase my internet sales ? What are the steps to increase online sales ?

Do you want to know everything about increasing sales online? Stay with us! In this post we reveal powerful strategies to increase internet sales . Join us!

Increase online sales: the challenges of the new consumer

“The Coronavirus pandemic has caused changes in the preferences and expectations of users: they are becoming more digital and they care much more about the economy and health security. In this context, brands must adapt quickly and flexibly to gain their trust, paying attention to aspects such as interaction with the user in the different channels, value for money and the incorporation of technology in the store. ” ( Jesús Madurga, founder of NeoAttack ).

The new consumer is more inclined to make digital purchases. Obvious security reasons validate such a position, coupled with the fact that it is much more convenient to shop from home.

Another feature is that the new user feels motivated to make their purchase autonomously, without the need for external help. Hence the relevance of self – service for an excellent customer experience.

According to a study , 71% of consumers have expressed willingness, during the period of the pandemic, to use contactless technologies, and 60% plan to do so until the end of the pandemic.

Likewise, the current user is characterized by their high levels of demand and by having very high expectations. Achieving customer satisfaction is still possible, but it is even more challenging today.

The bar is high. The preferred companies are those that manage to measure up to the leading experts in the digital environment. The drive for interaction and innovation are also highly valued.

Faced with the challenges posed by the new consumer, it is crucial to invest in customer experience . Creating and consolidating a unique and satisfying digital experience is the way to increase online sales.

Strategies to increase internet sales

1. Positioning in social networks

Maybe you’ve heard the phrase ‘if it’s not on social media, it doesn’t exist.’ It may sound a bit exaggerated, but it is not too far from the truth. The expansion of social networks worldwide seems to have no brake.

The latest forecasts on social media announce a constant growth in its use. The number of active monthly users will be over 3.50 million in 2023. It is estimated that that year the percentage of Internet users social media users in the world will be close to 82%.

It is obvious that you cannot stay out of social networks, but it is not feasible to cover all of them. Facebook , Twitter, Instagram and Linkeidin are among the most used to increase sales online.

It is important that when selecting social networks, you take into account the characteristics of your target audience as well as your business model. You can and should cut the suit to your size.

2. Create a digital community around the values ​​of your company

Now that you are on social networks, do not forget two very important aspects: they are networks and they are social. In other words, it is about building a community , not publishing content without rhyme or reason.

Today, excellent customer service is essential, but it is no longer enough. Empathy is becoming increasingly important. Users buy from companies that reflect their values .

In fact, 54% of consumers want to shop at companies that prioritize diversity, equality and inclusion in their communities and workplaces.

So, show the corporate identity of your brand with total transparency. To increase online sales, let customers know how your organization thinks and acts in all spheres.

3. Development of an omnichannel service strategy

Did you know that, according to a study , brands with stronger omnichannel customer engagement strategies have an average customer retention rate of 89%?

There is a direct relationship between increased customer retention and increased sales. As a rule, regular buyers spend 33% more than new ones.

Users must be served consistently by any of the communication channels with the client that they decide to use. The omnicanalidad is distinguished by an excellent experience.

At Zendesk, we believe that every great customer relationship grows out of conversation. That’s why we’ve created a customer service software company that develops solutions to improve customer relationships.

From large companies to startups, powerful and innovative customer experiences should be available to all companies, regardless of size, industry or purpose.

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