How Zendesk is transforming the customer experience in 2020

How Zendesk is transforming the customer experience in 2020

Today, customers have higher expectations than ever. So much so that IDC anticipates that companies will spend $ 641 billion on customer experience technologies in order to meet them by 2022. Customers want easy, fast, and personalized experiences across touchpoints, and will benchmark your business against companies that know what your needs are and how to meet them. When companies prioritize customer relationships, they gain more loyalty and an advantage over the competition in return.

But meeting customer expectations doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. To help you provide seamless experiences that adapt to the needs of your customers and the growth of your business, we are expanding our CRM solutions designed for customer service with two powerful new packages: Support Suite and Sales Suite , as well as adding more features to Zendesk Sunshine , our open and flexible CRM platform.


Easier conversation experiences

A great customer experience should be easy. Customers don’t want to have to strain to contact your business. Increasingly, what they are interested in is interacting with you in a natural and conversation-based way, similar to the one they use in their personal lives.

With the launch of the Support Suite and Sales Suite, we are expanding our product packages so that sales and support teams can have more human conversations with customers every time they deal with them.

Introducing Zendesk Support Suite

Surveys make it clear: customer service is the key to delivering exceptional customer experiences. To distinguish themselves from the competition, companies must design the customer experience in a way that integrates customer service into every interaction with them. The redesigned Zendesk Support Suite enables businesses to deliver a unified conversational support service across all channels, so their customers can communicate the way they want, when they want. These are some of its fundamental characteristics:

Emerging social messaging channels

The report on business talks Zendesk, messaging in 2020 , he revealed that the messenger gets satisfaction score of the highest customer on any channel, with an average score of satisfaction (CSAT) of 98 percent. Messaging is fast, convenient, and asynchronous, allowing customers to communicate and then respond when it suits them best. In addition to other channels such as email, phone, live chat, and SMS messages, the Support Suite now includes pop-up social messaging channels that work with Sunshine Conversations , our newly launched business conversation platform.

This allows companies to seamlessly interact with customers and manage their conversations in messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Messages, and LINE from a single unified agent workspace. Other features include, for example, a live notification view (where agents can stay on top of all conversations in real time) and automatic responses (so customers receive an immediate response even when no agent is available).

Relevant context, independent of the channel

Behind each client and each interaction there is a story hidden. The Zendesk Customer Experience Trends 2020 Report found that 71 percent of customers expect companies to collaborate internally so they don’t have to repeat their problem over and over every time they seek help or connect through a new channel.

To provide customers with the fast, personal experiences they expect, Zendesk Support Suite provides agents with all the tools and context they need to resolve customer issues, regardless of channel. Whatever touchpoint a customer connects to, agents can view relevant prior information and conversation history for each interaction, such as customer email, recent orders, or what reason they last contacted. This helps reduce time to completion as agents can update and manage ticket status, forms, and fields from one place. That way they don’t waste time searching for the details, and clients can get the result they want.

A unified agent experience

Delivering natural, unified, and customer-centric support experiences on the front end requires an integrated workspace for agents and the back-office team that allows them to continue the conversation on the channel that suits them best. For example, an agent might want to follow up on an email chat conversation to provide more detailed step-by-step instructions.

In the new agent workspace , part of the Support Suite, agents can respond to customers through multiple channels (including chat, email, phone, and social messaging) from one place, This saves them time because they don’t have to switch between different panels and offers customers the convenience and customization they expect.

The new agent workspace also provides agents with the tools they need to customize their support environment based on usage to provide faster and more efficient support. We’ve also made collaboration even easier with the paid Collaboration plugin, which allows agents to keep other teams informed via email and Slack, without abandoning the support ticket.

Introduction to Zendesk Sales Suite

77 percent of B2B buyers say their last purchase was “very difficult.” The emergence of new products, technologies, suppliers, and services, coupled with the vast amount of information available on the Internet, leaves buyers feeling overwhelmed and, as a consequence, increases the importance of sales conversations more than ever.

But today’s salespeople spend less time having sales conversations and more time studying overly complex internal policies and procedures, due to legacy tools and the increasing number of specific solutions. In fact, sales reps must work with an average of 14 different sales tools . Although the buying process has changed, the legacy sales software was not designed to keep up, and instead of helping, it further complicates things.

The new Zendesk Sales Suite eliminates hassle in every part of the sales process so teams can focus on their real work: having fruitful conversations and closing more deals. Sales Suite brings together Zendesk Sell, Chat, Reach, and Voice so sales teams can:

  • Engage with customers on more channels, such as email, SMS, and phone, and see every customer conversation, regardless of channel, in one continuous flow.
  • Talk directly to potential customers on the website using live chat to shorten the sales cycle, engage with more buyers, and convert more leads from a single interface.
  • Customize your sales dashboard and maximize sales productivity with out-of-the-box prospecting and data enrichment provided by Clearbit.

The sun rises

76 percent of customers expect personalized treatment, according to the Zendesk Benchmark study . But with companies handling three times more data than five years ago, and keeping data in isolated systems and software, accessing relevant details about customers has become more difficult. Without an organized customer perspective providing the correct data to teams, they will not have the information they need, and it will be nearly impossible for them to deliver personalized experiences.

This is where Zendesk Sunshine can help you , a product created for the public cloud that allows companies to connect and understand all their customer data, offering them a complete perspective of the activities that they carry out in all systems. Today we announced a new feature that further empowers teams to increase productivity and personalize customer experiences. Zendesk Sunshine is now available for all plans, with more features, and includes:

More advanced features

In addition to custom objects, companies can take advantage of other useful Sunshine features – such as Unified Profiles, Custom Events, and the AWS Event Connector – to deliver differentiated experiences across Zendesk and their own applications. With these capabilities, agents can view all customer interactions regardless of the source system, gather all their accounts to get a single complete picture of the customer, and harness the power of AWS with a connector that enables event streaming across real time.

A new integration for e-commerce

We also announced a new Shopify integration that processes events in real time, such as purchases and returns, and provides agents with a comprehensive and contextual view of the customer. For example, an agent can see when a customer’s credit card is declined and offer to help them complete their purchase.