How to get customers on Instagram and increase your sales?

How to get customers on Instagram and increase your sales?

How to get clients on instagram

With the versatility of using social networks, it is common for many to wonder how to get customers on Instagram to boost their businesses and ventures.

Are your social media stats at the level you want?

This concern takes center stage in the day-to-day life of those who see the commercial world rapidly migrate to digital platforms. Without losing sight of the fact that the service channels vary from one social network to another ; Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, each one offers communication resources with clients that deserve your attention.

According to Zendesk’s 2020 Customer Experience Trends Report , less than 30% of businesses offer self-service, live chat, social media messaging, in-app messaging, bots, or peer communities.

However, 17% of people between 18 and 24 choose to chat with companies through messaging applications on social networks . In fact, it is the favorite channel of Millennials.

Now that the 2021 consumer trends are focused on e-commerce, making good use of digital marketing on social media is an essential skill to attract customers with inbound marketing .

Does your sales team know how to get leads on Instagram? Do you use the advantages of Instagram to increase your sales?

In this post you will find:

  • how to get customers on Instagram;
  • how to increase sales on Instagram in 3 steps;
  • 15 tips to attract potential customers on Instagram.

Shall we start?

How to get customers on Instagram?

If you are concerned about how to get customers on Instagram and you still do not have an answer to the question: how to increase my sales on Instagram? You will be surprised to know that in this social network, selling is an indirect achievement . But first, you should master 3 aspects:

Adapt your brand to changes in the platform

To get customers and increase sales on Instagram you must be aware of changes in the platform in relation to the algorithm and regulations for advertising actions.

For example, Instagram places certain limits to avoid spam and artificial interaction factories (bots):

  • Follow : no more than 200 profiles per hour;
  • Comments : no more than 60 per hour;
  • Likes : no more than 100 per hour;
  • Tags : no more than 20 profiles per post.

Instagram incorporates new functions for companies, continuously. Stay on top of best practices for showcasing your products, running ads, and engaging with potential customers and prospects .

Build a community

Beyond the updates on audience monetization policies, keep in mind that creating a community of people who identify with your brand is more important than buying followers .

Despite the versatility of Instagram, advantages and disadvantages coexist on the platform and you should learn how to use them to your advantage to get more customers.

For example, Instagram values ​​interaction more than likes, therefore, dedicate your efforts to nurturing the relationship with your audience.

For that, you can follow some tips to build and nurture your community:

  • do a strategic planning of your content;
  • keep pace with appearances with a posting calendar;
  • use stories frequently to create a sense of continuity;
  • Show other consumer-friendly aspects of your brand and be open with your audience.

Create special content for Instagram

The text of a Facebook post that is repeated in a Twitter thread, later it is in a long sequence of stories on Instagram and finally it becomes a LinkedIn article. Surely you have already seen profiles like this, right?

You may not yet know how to get customers on Instagram and you may be tempted to recycle your content on various social networks, in all possible formats. However, what works very well as a 24-hour story may not be useful in the permanent feed.

A short-term promotion, for example, generates more engagement when it is published in a temporary medium . Remember that this feeling of impermanence contributes to increasing sales on Instagram.

Ready to discover 15 other ways to get leads on Instagram?

15 tips to attract potential customers on Instagram

Adopt Instagram for business

Instagram allows you to convert your personal account into a business account intended to establish business relationships with your potential customers in a social network environment .

If you opt for this feature, the followers of the previous account are maintained, which could be a disadvantage in terms of identification between that audience and your brand.

In that sense, the recommendation is to prioritize the quality of the followers over the quantity. Remember that a small number of buyers are worth more than millions of followers who buy nothing.

Optimize bio for sales

A bio for a sales account requires a few key elements:

  • Quality logo or photo : with colors that participate in the construction of the brand’s visual identity;
  • Name + Category of the service : in addition to the name of your brand, you can add the branch in which you work. Example: “Dulcinea | Pastry and Confectionery ”;
  • Clear description : a brief overview of the service and value offered;
  • Strategically chosen link : the most efficient landing page for your brand (catalog, shopping site, whatsapp, etc.).

Comply with the 90/10 rule for content creation

If you want a numerical rule to answer the question, How can I increase my sales on Instagram? The recommendation is that 90% of the content published on Instagram contains valuable information for followers and only 10% refers to promotions, information about sales. , business, etc.

Refine the visual format

To get customers on Instagram, the aesthetics of the content is as important as what is communicated. The elements of branding, dimensions, copy, colors, typography, etc., that is, your visual proposal, has an influence on attracting the target audience.

This guide to post dimensions may be helpful:

  • Profile picture:

Square photo: 180 × 180;

Miniature: 161 × 161.

  • Posts in the feed:

Square photo: 1080 × 1080;

Vertical photo: 1350 × 1080;

Horizontal photo: 1080 × 566.

  • Stories:

Vertical photo: 1080 x 1920 vertical.

  • Postings in Ads:

Square photo: 600 × 600 to 1936 × 1936;

Horizontal photo: 600 × 315 to 1936 × 1936;

Vertical photo: 600 × 750 to 1936 × 1936.

  • Ads videos: maximum 4 GB; maximum duration of 1 minute:

Square (1: 1);

Horizontal (1.91: 1);

Vertical (4: 5).

  • IGTV:

1080 x 1920.

Interact with the community

Giving back the attention received is essential, either in the form of likes, comments, follows, or other tools, such as stories with interactive question and answer buttons, questionnaires, etc.

When the product or service allows it, you can explore tools for direct interaction with your audience; for example, live broadcasts (lives). These actions can have positive consequences; one of them is to increase your sales on Instagram.

If your goal is to figure out how to get customers on Instagram, cultivating a relationship with your community is a key need regardless of the size of your audience.

Modernize publications with Reels

The Instagram algorithm values ​​those who use all the latest resources . For this reason, the profiles that are located in the first positions within the Instagram explorer have Reels as their main content publication format.

Reels allow access to the new audience, the so-called generation Z, who avidly consume photo videos, tutorials, challenges, etc. Its similarity to Tik Tok videos allows the production of a single audiovisual material for both platforms.

If in the middle of 2021 you are thinking how to increase my sales on Instagram? Remember that a Reel provides you between 15 and 30 seconds of valuable information, which can place your brand on the radar of younger consumers.

Increase carousel usage

If you want to capture the interest of new potential customers on Instagram, the carousel shows various products in photos, videos or combinations between both formats.

Once you master this tool, you will know how to get customers on Instagram naturally or even with paid ads. Also, the carousel is extremely versatile and easy to use!

Using the carousel creates a sense of urgency and suspense for the user. Managing that emotional connection can help increase your sales on Instagram.

Analyze your #hashtags

The use of hashtags is essential because it guarantees access to the target audience. To determine which hashtags are popular with your audience, you can use a hashtag analysis and selection tool .

It is not advisable to use more than 10 hashtags per post, nor to use them in the middle of the descriptive text of the caption. It is preferable to place hashtags and mentions of other profiles in a separate paragraph below the description.

If you already use hashtags and still worry about how to get potential customers on Instagram, carefully evaluate if your hashtags have more effect in the description of the post or as the first comment of your publication.

Diversify your “likes”

As part of Instagram’s policy, the number of “likes” was no longer visible and the interaction became more relevant to produce engagement.

In the dynamics of giving back likes and follows, prioritize those profiles that also use the hashtags that you identified as most important for your brand.

Observe the competition

A strategy to better understand the tastes of your target audience is to look at the profiles of the brands that dominate the same subject and audience. You can also go further and contact their followers, especially those who show more interest in the topic. A useful resource is the surveys and question boxes that generate interaction with the public and allow you to know their opinion.

Segment the audience and approach it according to your style

Audience segmentation on Instagram follows the same rules as market segmentation , which is why it is important to have a flexible editorial plan, but one that guarantees the retention of the majority of your users.

Pay attention to the uniformity of your value proposition for the client , because in addition to the format and content of the publications, the audience recognizes brands with their own style. Adapt to the behavioral segmentation profile of your audience, define your color palette, use quality images, appropriate language and good spelling.

Using emojis as a personal stamp

If you wonder how to increase my sales on Instagram in an easy way? You will love the answer: identify an emoji and use it always .

Using the same emoji humanizes the brand, while serving as a powerful visual stimulus for your followers to identify and remember you.

Be inclusive

Every effort is valid when it comes to discovering how to get customers on Instagram. That is why it is interesting that you have an accessible approach in your publications, which includes the narration of images for people with visual disabilities. Also avoid using color combinations that cause visual confusion for color blind people.

Promote the account on your customer service platforms

Boost your Instagram profile on other channels of your brand, such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Tik Tok. Each of the social networks reaches a different audience and their potential as a customer service varies, especially when it comes to generational divergence.

Adapt the courier sales cycle

Instagram helps you build trust, proximity and stimulates the purchase decision ; so you can implement tools that combine for this purpose. Adopt a strategy to complete your sales cycle on an instant messaging service for businesses .

For example, make comments on your feed that invite direct message chat. Once there, strive to humanize your brand through voice notes, videos, photos and any other resource that contributes to strengthen the new connection and close a sale via direct link.

Your bio link can lead directly to your live chat and messaging platform , with software that guarantees instant bot-mediated responses, provides live chat support to your customers, or continues the conversation when it’s convenient for them.

Now that you have more tools to get customers on Instagram, we invite you to learn about Zendesk customer service .

This solution offers you a centralized workspace, where your collaborators have the context they need to provide help, can change channels, and add or remove bots as needed.