Help desk software that creates better experiences for your business customers

Help desk software that creates better experiences for your business customers

What is help desk software for?

A help desk is a tool whose technology allows you to carry out a series of basic or not so basic tasks —and that, in addition, evolves along with your company. Typically, your goals and processes are based on best practices by companies and governments (eg, the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, or ITIL). As Mikkel Svane, CEO of Zendesk once said, the goal of ITIL when it comes to responding to customer incidents or problems is “to restore normal service operation in the shortest time possible and to minimize the adverse effect on business operations.” Not all help desk solutions are the same or have the same functions, but their basic purposes are these:

How Zendesk Help Desk Software Solves Support Problems

For a business to do well, it must satisfy its customers (the people it was created for), but also its employees (who, in a sense, are its indoor customers). Using help desk solutions to deliver good omnichannel support has become the norm, but what does it mean to meet customer needs in the long term? Do positive interactions have as long-lasting effect as negative ones? According to a Zendesk report based on a 2018 survey on the impact of customer service , receiving poor customer service altered the buying behavior of 97% of respondents, and a change was also found among 87% of those who received good customer service (by phone, live chat, email or other channels).

Why would you need customer service software?

There are many reasons to consider updating your help desk support services. At a basic level, you may find that your team spends a lot of time manually tracking tickets in email chains and completing spreadsheets. Instead, you can use software to manage them all in one organized location.

Customer support software pulls customer questions and issues from various sources and translates them into trackable tickets. You don’t have spreadsheets or cross lines of communication and you can see exactly who is doing what action with each ticket. A connected ticketing system increases efficiency and allows you to do more with less.

Help desk support software also ensures that customers are connected to the right agents. Clients are happier when they get the help they need without repeating the problem to multiple people. If the lead agent on a ticket needs help fixing it, another team member can be contacted within the customer support software without confusing the customer.

Beyond speeding things up, help desk support software lets you dig deep to find out more about customers. Customer feedback is a crucial element of any business, and a ticket system can help you be proactive in gathering information and sharing it with different departments in the organization. You can apply this information along with internal insights to create a customer help center.

The main goal of help desk support software is to give you the tools to make customers feel truly heard and understood. Here is a basic summary of how it works:

Customers contact the company via email, phone, text message, web, chat, and social media with questions and issues

The system generates a ticket for each problem and automatically associates it with the customer’s history if applicable

Tickets can be assigned manually or automatically based on business rules

As agents work on tickets, they can easily collaborate with other team members for help

When the agent solves the problem, they let the customer know through their preferred communication channel

Administrators can create workflows and assign different levels of responsibility to agents

Who uses the help desk software?

Having excellent help desk software is essential to providing great customer service. With it, agents can track, prioritize, and resolve customer support tickets. However, Zendesk is more than just help desk software: it is cloud-based software and a customer service interaction platform that offers omnichannel support. That is, interactions with customers, whether by phone, chat, email, social networks or any other channel you can imagine, are gathered in one place.

Zendesk helps simplify customer service with time-saving tools like triggers and automations. Its help desk support software is intuitive and easy to use because it has been created with the experience of customers and service desk agents in mind. Excellent customer service starts with the right tools. And with Zendesk, you have everything you need to create the best possible customer experience.