3 tips for successful commercial sales management

3 tips for successful commercial sales management

Commercial sales management

The commercial management of sales is defined as all activities carried out within an enterprise to meet business objectives.

Within this set is inscribed the sales management itself – which involves the relationships between the company and its customers – and the management of sales teams and their performance.

If you are a sales manager in charge of a team and you need to improve your administration, stay here! In this post we bring useful tips for the commercial management of sales and sales teams.

We will address:

  • what is commercial sales management;
  • tips on managing sales teams.

What is commercial sales management?

The commercial management of sales finds its reason for being in the development of the company’s business in the market, at the same time that it seeks customer satisfaction. In other words, the sales management is done to increase profitability through sales, which also involves actions of loyalty and customer retention.

The commercial sales management area is made up of 3 pillars that must work together: the marketing area for the development of customer attraction and retention strategies, the sales area, which acts in response to these strategies, and CRM software. of sales , to manage the entire cycle in an efficient and integrated way between the teams.

Do you want to know how a sales CRM works as a link to have a single vision of customers and potential customers? Access the definitive guide on sales CRM here . 

How to improve sales team management? 

Now that you know what commercial sales management is, let’s talk a little more about teams.

If among your functions is the management of sales teams , you will know that part of your task is to coordinate people and resources to achieve the commercial objectives of the company. However, setting goals is not enough to achieve good results.

We also recommend you attend to the following tips:

1. Talent management 

To keep business sales management flowing smoothly, make sure you have a strong team. Carefully select the qualities you want in your employees and use them to find the ideal sales agents.

Learn more about the selection process and the sales interview and learn about the 6 winning qualities of the ideal salesperson.

2. Training 

The training your agents receive is essential for managing the sales team.

What is known as sales force training is the exercise of improving the capabilities of a team with a focus on the results of a company without neglecting personal motivation.

In this sales team management activity, the objective is to improve the planning, execution and evaluation of the activities of the commercial area.

If the results are positive, they will be clearly reflected in an improvement in the company’s efficiency indicators.

3. Motivation

The motivation of sales teams has a strong connection with training. In fact, more than 35% of the employees surveyed in a study directly related their commitment to the company to factors related to training.

Check out these tips for managing sales team motivation:

  • Create a connection with your team based on collaboration and empathy;
  • Give them all the necessary information about what they sell;
  • Define with them the target audience for the sale;
  • It offers recognition for achieved goals (some companies use commission systems, if this is your case, you can download this sales and commission control worksheet for free to carry out an assertive and planned commercial sales management).
  • It offers tools so that your team is in tune with other areas of the company with a preponderant role in sales. We will talk more about it below!

4. Tools

Once you have defined business sales goals and have a trained and motivated sales team, what else can you contribute to improve sales management?

There are tools that keep teams connected and in perfect harmony, which translates into sales success.

In fact, according to Zendesk’s 2020 Customer Experience Trends Report , connecting customer data improves collaboration between teams, which is a key element in the success of high-performing teams.

Sales and support teams are partners in tightly connecting initial customer interactions with later interactions. Additionally, customer service leaders say their teams collaborate more with the sales team than with any other internal organization.

The sales CRM is the solution that allows you to promote internal collaboration for a successful commercial sales management.

According to the same Zendesk report, 22% of high-performance customer service teams integrate CRM vendor software precisely to promote this integration between sales and support teams.

Do you want to go deeper into the knowledge of this tool? Find out what sales CRM is, its functions, benefits and applications. Also, tips to choose the best one for your business + CRM examples for free sales. Read our definitive guide to CRM in sales . 

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