we provide top-notch service that is convenient, affordable and stress-free. 

We have portable digital mammography units as well as a self-contained mobile digital mammography coach that can be brought to your facilities to perform on-site screening mammograms. 

Exceptional Quality control

Alinea is part of an elite group of facilities across the country raising the standard of care for every patient. We are proud to be recognized by Hologic as a Pink Ribbon Facility.  In addition we are accredited by American College of Radiology and MQSA certified.

radiologist owned and operated

All readings done by our board certified radiologists under the direct supervision of our Founder and Medical Director, who trained at the top institutions including University of Southern California and Stanford. Our radiologists are always available for a physician consultations

State-of-the-art digital Imaging equipment

Since 2013, Alinea is the leading mobile digital mammography provider in California to provide all digital services.  One of the strongest advantages of digital mammography is that images need not be repeated for technique. Because digital mammography uses less radiation, patients are less concerned about excessive exposure.  

State and Federal Certified Technologists


NO overhead or liability

All the advantages of your own equipment and staff without the overhead or liability

HL7 Interface available

Seamless integration of reports from our PACS/RIS to your existing EHR

Physician portal 

View your patients’ images and results convenitently from your PC, tablet or smartphone

Robust Digital reporting and tracking

Increased Patient Compliance / HEDIS scores