15 minutes can save a life.

convenient screening mammography services at your clinic

We have portable digital mammography units as well as a self-contained mobile digital mammography coach that can be brought to your facilities to perform on-site screening mammograms. We are accredited by ACR and MQSA certified. Our mobile mammography services could also assist your clinic with overflow patients, backup for machine downtime, and for special events such as health fairs.

seamless service

We allow your staff to schedule your patients’ appointments for increased compliance and patient retention. 


We can perform approximately 6-8 screening mammograms/hour. In a full day screening (6 hours) we can perform 35-45 exams.

improved timeliness to care

We help coordinate with patients and referring clinicians to perform follow-up diagnostic procedures if needed in a timely manner

Quick & accurate results 

Results sent to the patient and the primary physician within 5 business days.

statistical tracking and analysis

We can provide the Clinic with composite/anonymous data regarding patients’
screening and outcome results for the purpose of evaluating the efficacy of the program. 

Computer aided diagnosis (cad)

We utilize state of the art CAD system to act as a second pair of eyes in detecting subtle cancers